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Contact: Peter Newman
Location: Lasalle, Ontario, Canada
phone: (519) 970 9272

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Web Focused Strategy....
web focused strategy

The first step in the development of a website is to develop a Strategy. The best approach for this first step is to answer some simple questions:

1. What are your goals in having a website? - awareness, increase sales, brand recognition....
2. Who is your target audience? local, global....
3. Who are your competition?

Once you have answered these questions, Canbrit Web Designs can start to focus on the content and appearance of your site.


Most businesses who decide they need a website feel they need to grow their business. This approach is not a guarantee, but a well designed website can give you the exposure needed to increase your customer base and sales.
Understanding who your target audience is helps you identify which products or services will go best on your website.
Canbrit Web Designs will work with you to develop a Market Analysis that will help you identify your niche in the market.
Are you looking to expand your business beyond your current geographic location?
Do you need a physical presence to sell your products or services?
If not, are you set up to ship your products around the World?
Remember, the World Wide Web, is truly that these days.


Understanding your competition is a key component in website development.
You want your website to stick out in the crowd, be easy for your visitors to use and provide products and/or services that will be appealing for purchase.
Canbrit Web Designs will work with you to complete a Competitive Analysis to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.
By evaluating the needs of your business we can develop a strategy that employs cost effective techniques so you can focus on growing your business.
We look forward to speaking to you about how we can help market your business online.