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Contact: Peter Newman
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e-Commerce and Shopping Cart

Selling your product and your company through the internet sometimes means literally selling products and services through your website.
These days, more and more customers rely on the internet to make purchases of products and services online, thereby saving themselves the hassle of walking into your office or store.
This is where e-Commerce comes in.


A proper e-Commerce (Shopping Cart) solution for your online web business will go beyond selling your existing customers what you offer, but it will also attract new customers by increasing your Search Engine Optimization.
It will also allow you to easily maintain your inventory and financial information, while providing a pleasurable shopping experience for your customer.
And remember, a satisfied customer is a returning customer!


So what kind of options does an e-Commerce package provide you with?

• Easy-to-use, customized Shopping Cart
• Product search capabilities
• Express check outs
• Secured online transactions - using major credit cards
• Inventory management solutions
• Product invoices for you and your customers
• Web template integration so your design remains the same